Synthesis and characterization of polymer hydrogels of PSB/PCB and PEG


WP Leader: Assoc. Prof. Elena Vassileva, FCP-SU

Participants: FCP-SU, IP-BAS, IOCCP

The WP1 objective are:

  • Objective 1.1.

To synthesize linear PSB and PCB (via radical polymerization) to be further on used as model systems for studying dipole-dipole interactions which define the specific PZI structure

  • Objective 1.2.

To develop hydrogel materials of PSB and PCB by synthesis of SN of PSB and PCB as well as DN of PZI and PEG
Task 1.1. Synthesis of linear PZI
Task 1.2. Synthesis of polymer hydrogels
Task 1.3. Characterization of the linear PZI and their PEC
Task 1.4. Characterization of polymer hydrogels

End Results (ER) from WP 1:

ER 1.1. New PEC of PSB and PCB for which the dipole-dipole interaction inherent for PZI is studied
ER 1.2. New hydrogels based on the PSB/PCB and PEG, for which the relationship structure-properties is detailed investigated