Research in structure and properties of polymer materials in Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy began in 1967 by assistant Stojko Fakirov  at the Department of Organic Chemical Technology. Studies in this direction are conducted by Stojko Fakirov , Iliya Seganov, Nadka Avramova, Michail Evstatiev, Anton Apostolov and Elena Vasileva listed in order of inclusion in research.

Scientific interests of Prof. M. Evstatiev, Prof. Dr. A. Apostolov, Assoc. Prof. E. Vasileva are directed to methods for research and characterization of polymeric materials and composites, physical and chemical modification of polymers, biodegradable polymers for medical purposes, tissue engineering polymer, polymer materials science, polymer nanocomposites. More significant results of these studies are:

The contribution of the laboratory in science is about 400 publications mainly in international journals, more than 150 participated in national and international conferences, and co-authoring 14 books and monographs.