Loading of the polymeric hydrogels with biologically active macromolecules in their pure form and as conjugates


WP3 Leaders: Assoc. Prof. Pavletta Shestakova, IOCCP; Assoc. Prof. Neli Koseva, IP-BAS


The objective of this WP is:

  • Objective 3.1. Immobilization of biologically active macromolecules in polymeric hydrogels

Task 3.1. Synthesis of hybrid materials, consisting of pure biologically active macromolecules (IP-BAS, FCP-SU)

Task. 3.2. Synthesis of hybrid materials, consisting of biologically active macromolecules as conjugates with PSB (IP-BAS, FCP-SU)

Task. 3.3. Characterization of the hybrid materials, obtained in Tasks 3.1. and 3.2. – structure, mechanical and thermal properties, interaction hydrogel-bioactive agent, release profile of the active agent in physiological conditions, activity of the active agent (IOCCP, IP-BAS, FCP-SU)

End result (ER) from WP 3:

ER 3.1 New hybrid materials, containing biologically active polypeptides/proteins in pure form and as conjugates