Biological testing of the newly developed materials


WP Leaders: Assoc. Prof. Radostina Aleksandrova, Assoc. Prof. Maya Argirova

Participants: IEMAPM, FCP-SU

The objective of this WP is:

  • Objective 4.1.

To test the bioadhesive properties and biocompatibility of the new materials for wound healing applications

To attain this objective the following tasks are planned:

Task 4.1. Evaluation of the protein adsorption on the new hydrogels (FCP-SU, IEMAPM)

Task 4.2. Evaluation of the influence of the new materials (polymer hydrogels, protein-PSB conjugates and the hybride materials obtained by combining them) on the cell vitality and proliferation (IEMPAM)

Task 4.3. Visualization of the changes in the structure and morphology of cells including the DNA breakdown in the treated cells (IEMPAM)

Task 4.4. Influence on some functional cell characteristics – enzyme activities (e.g. matrix metal proteinases), (inflammatory) cytokines, etc. (immunological, biochemical and molecular-biological methods) (IEMAPM)

Task 4.4. In vitro study of the antiseptic effect of the new hydrogels; comparative study with practically used hydrogel wound dressing

Task 4.5. In vivo study of the new hybride hydrogels obtained in WP3 as wound dressings of wounds in rats; comparative study with practically used hydrogel wound dressing

End result (ER) from WP 4:

ER 4.1. Evaluation of the biocompatibility and effectiveness of the new materials developed within the project for wound healing