Synthesis and characterization of conjugates of bioactive macromolecules and PSB


WP2 Leader: Assoc. prof. Neli Koseva, PhD, IP-BAS


The objective of this work package is as follows:

  • Objective 2.1.   Obtaining polymer conjugates of biological active macromolecules with PZI

Task 2.1. Synthesis and characterization of the polymer carrier PSB (Table 3) with an end functional group suitable for binding to a peptide/protein (IP-BAS, IOCCP-BAS)

Task 2.2. Synthesis of polymer conjugates of biologically active agents and PSB (IP-BAS)

Task 2.3. Characterization of the obtained conjugates (IP-BAS, IOCCP-BAS, FCP-SU)

End result (ER) of WP 2:

ER 2.1. New conjugates of PSB and polypeptides/proteins which will be used as biologically active compounds